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December 2019 eNewsletter

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  • New 2020 CPT Code Changes
  • FIDA Program Ends Dec. 31, 2019
  • The Massachusetts Consultation Service for Treatment of Addiction and Pain offers real-time consultation to primary care providers
  • Beacon Will Launch Florida Project ECHO ® for OUD on Jan. 7, 2020 at 12pm ET
  • Appointment Access Reminder
  • Cultural and Linguistic Needs of Beacon's Membership

November 2019 eNewsletter

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  • New and Expanded Medicare Coverage of Opioid Use Disorder Treatment and Telehealth
  • Reminder to Review the Clinical Practice Guideline and Measurement Tool
  • Free, Online Self-management Tools for Members
  • Reminder to Use Standardized Screening Tools with Members 13 Years and Older - Especially for Depression, Suicide, and Comorbid Issues
  • Value Options of California is now Beacon Health Options of California
  • Texas Providers: Procedure Code Change for Non-Methadone Administration
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine Updates Addiction Definition
  • InterQual Medical Necessity Criteria Training

October 2019 eNewsletter

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  • Reminder to Review the Clinical Practice Guideline and Measurement Tool
  • Free, Online Self-management Tools for Members
  • Reminder to Use Standardized Screening Tools with Members 13 Years and Older - Especially for Depression, Suicide, and Comorbid Issues
  • Texas Providers: Public Health Notice About Severe Lung Disease Among People Who Vape
  • Project ECHO Improves Utilization of Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Help Military Families Find Community in a New Location

September 2019 eNewsletter

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  • Provider Satisfaction Survey
  • Changes Coming: New Online Provider Directory
  • Do You Provide Medication-Assisted Treatment to Patients?
  • Electronic Provider Portal Line for All Initial Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, and IOP Requests
  • Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York, and West Virginia Providers: Treatment Facility Survey Arriving in October
  • Beacon Funding Supports Local Efforts to Combat Opioid Crisis
  • Beacon Care Services Partners with Walmart in Direct-to-Consumer Care

August 2019 eNewsletter

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  • Beacon Adopts New Medical Necessity Criteria
  • Serving Those Who Serve: Help Military Kids Cope With a New School
  • New AMA Policy Supports Project ECHO
  • Webinar Schedule
  • Beacon Lens

July 2019 eNewsletter

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July Topics:

  • CMS 1500 Claim Form Completion Rule Enforcement
  • Serving Those Who Serve: Help Military Families Cope Well With Change
  • FL, NY Providers: Tackle the Opioid Crisis with Project ECHO
  • TX Providers: Delegated Psychological Services to Allow More Than One Modifier on the Same Date of Service
  • TX Providers: Deactivated NCCI MUE Limitations for Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Webinar Schedule
  • Beacon Lens

June 2019 eNewsletter

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June Topics:

  • Anthem, Inc. to Acquire Beacon Health Options
  • Psychological/ Neuropsychological Testing Claims
  • NY Providers: Medicaid Provider Training; New Authorization Enhancements Available in Provider Portal
  • ProviderConnect System Downtime: June 21-23
  • Serving those who Serve: Military OneSource Contract Awarded for Five More Years!
  • Colorado Provider Updates: Medication-Assisted Treatment Audits
  • Colorado Collaboration Opportunity: Health First Colorado Expands Dental Health Benefit

May 2019 eNewsletter

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May Topics:

  • You Help Patients Start Discussions that Matter
  • Get Online Authorizations As Soon As 15 Minutes
  • Patients' Top Concern: Provider Availability
  • Get Refresher on Fraud, Waste, Abuse Policies
  • Serving those who Serve: Healthy Relationship Resources for Military Couples
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Learn About Beacon's Utilization Management Program
  • UM Decisions
  • Member Rights and Responsibilities
  • Financial Incentives
  • Medical Necessity Criteria

April 2019 eNewsletter

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April Topics:

  • Online Authorizations in 15 minutes
  • CMS: New Medicare Cards Issued
  • Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security of Identifiable Health Information
  • Serving those who Serve: Help Military Kids in Your Practice
  • Together, we can

March 2019 eNewsletter

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March Topics:

  • Mental Health Wellness for Individuals with IDD
  • Attest to Your Information in CAQH—Even if it Hasn't Changed
  • Get to Know Us: NatCon19
  • Serving those who Serve: Tips to Cope With Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Stress
  • EAP Providers: Rockwell Collins Membership Change
  • Beacon Vendor Partner Name Change
  • ProviderConnect Downtime: March 22-23
  • Preferred Laboratory: Quest Diagnostics
  • Form 1099 on the Way

February 2019 eNewsletter

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February Topics:

  • Go Digital and Improve your Cash Flow
  • Make Yourself Available to Members
  • Form 1099 on the Way
  • Serving those who Serve: Helping Military Families Manage Financial Stress
  • NY Providers: Preceptorship for Substance Use Providers and Hepatitis C

Highlights from this edition:

Get to Know Beacon at NatCon 2019

Save the Date: The National Council for Behavioral Health’s annual conference is in in Nashville, TN, on March 25, 26, and 27.

Be sure to visit Beacon at Booth #841 in the Solutions Pavilion. There you can meet some of our panelists, poster presenters, and other behavioral health experts.

Beacon’s speakers will discuss:

  • Parity Accreditation and State Policy Efforts, by Associate General Counsel Brad Lerner of our Legal and Compliance team
  • How to Reduce Emergency Room Visits, by Vice President Sarah Arnquist, MPH, of our Account Partnership team
  • The Value of Health System Collaboration: From Partnerships to Payment, by Associate Vice President Inna Liu of our Account Partnership team

Don’t miss our Electronic Poster Sessions where we will share data and insights on increasing Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) capacity, developing a First Episode Psychosis program, and peer support models.

Need to take a break? Stop by our Beacon-sponsored Wellness and Recovery Room.

Additional announcements to follow as schedules are released.

For more information and links to the registration page and hotel reservation page, please visit the event website.


January 2019 eNewsletter

Beacon’s Provider Service Line Goes National; Form 1099 on the Way; Attest to Your Information in CAQH—Even if it Hasn’t Changed; Serving Those Who Serve: Help Military Families Make Healthy Changes; Save the Date for NatCon19: March 25-27; Online Access: Provider Resources; NY Providers: Preceptorship for Substance Use Providers and Hepatitis C; ABA Providers: New CPT Codes in Use; New Psychological Testing CPT Codes; Go Green: Register for Electronic EOPs; Beacon Lens; Enrollment Required for Continued Medicaid Network Participation; Webinar Schedule