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April 2022 Provider Newsletter

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  • Beacon Endorsed Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Important Reminder
  • COVID-19 Resources for Beacon Providers
  • Measurement of Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Free Online Self-Management Tools for Members
  • Reminder to Use Standardized Screening Tools
  • Ensure Your Practice Supports Our Member Rights and Responsibilities
  • Medical Necessity Criteria Available Online
  • Reminders Regarding Beacon’s Ethical Approach to Utilization Management Decisions
  • Appointment Access Reminder
  • Cultural and Linguistic Needs of Beacon’s Membership
  • Improving Care Coordination: An Essential Component of Client Care
  • Referring to Beacon’s Care Management Program
  • What is HEDIS?
  • Why is HEDIS Important?
  • What Behavioral Measures does HEDIS monitor?