Autism Family Support Services

An autism diagnosis can be overwhelming for families. Parents are often unsure of the next steps to take and can spend countless hours making phone calls, researching and interviewing service providers, and trying to understand the diagnosis, employer plan benefits, and treatment options.

Understanding these challenges, Beacon developed Autism Family Support services to help families navigate the delivery system, providing meaningful consultation and valuable resources for families. Beacon’s Autism Family Support program is not a medical service; rather it provides support, guidance, and advocacy for parents and caregivers of children with autism.

The program starts with a telephonic assessment to evaluate the family’s current situation and short- and long-term needs—from social supports, to the child’s medical care, to financial issues. Then our Autism Specialists consult with family members, helping them learn about autism and available treatments and decide on a course of action. We equip them with tools and information to help care for their loved one and themselves, including coping strategies based on their unique family dynamic.

We also connect families to valuable resources and supports, such as:

  • Support groups
  • Educational information
  • Community programs and local events
  • Advocacy groups
  • Online educational information
  • Financial and legal resources
  • Treatment resources and therapies

This is not a one-time phone call. Our dedicated Autism Specialist contacts the family frequently to offer their help and provide them with information and support to make life with ASD more manageable. The program is not limited to families with young children; we also work with families of adult children with an ASD diagnosis.

Through our Family Support program, you can help ease the “caregiver burden” often experienced by employees who care for a loved one with ASD. In the long-term, our Autism Family Support services provide an effective solution for you to address the special challenges parents face, and also help you reduce related work absences and productivity issues. Most importantly, we help parents, caregivers, and other family members become stronger advocates on the child’s behalf.