Autism Spectrum Disorder Support

Beacon is the nation’s largest manager of autism insurance benefits in the country, covering 15 million lives and actively managing over 16,000 cases annually on behalf of health plans, employers, and other purchasers. No matter what type of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) benefit coverage you’re considering, Beacon has a customized solution to help kids and families thrive.

Autism Care Management Services

Our care management services are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based, scientific approach that’s widely recognized as the most effective behavioral intervention for children with autism. Delivered by qualified autism service professionals, ABA is a customized step-by-step approach that increases useful behaviors and reduces those that may cause harm or interfere with learning.

Our ABA services incorporate screening and assessment, peer-to-peer care management, utilization, therapy and medication management. As part of our coordinated care delivery, we monitor each individual’s functional gains at time-appropriate levels, as well as formally organized performance-improvement initiatives.

As part of our ASD Care Management model, we incorporate real-time clinical data—such as utilization and outcome trends—to ensure that services are being delivered effectively, and to gauge the progress of each individual case in our care. Ultimately, Beacon’s goal is to help bridge the gap between each child’s chronological and developmental age as early and as rapidly as possible.

Autism Family Support Services

An autism diagnosis can be stressful for families, often taking a toll on relationships, finances, and work-life balance. Understanding these challenges, Beacon developed Autism Family Support services to help families navigate the delivery system, providing meaningful consultation and connections to valuable resources like educational aids, community programs, support groups, and financial and legal resources.

Our autism specialists also provide coaching services to teach families about the ASD diagnosis, as well as available treatment services and coping strategies. Most importantly, our services help parents, caregivers, and other family members become stronger advocates on the child’s behalf.