Beacon Partners in Hospital to Housing Initiative

Beacon and the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP) partnered with the Massachusetts Housing & Shelter Alliance (MHSA) in a new project called Hospital to Housing. The initiative, which targets chronically homeless Beacon/MBHP members, has overall goals to:

  • reduce hospitalizations and emergency service usage
  • improve health outcomes for high-risk members
  • stabilize members in housing

Hospital to Housing is funded for the next three years through a grant from United Health Foundation. In that time the initiative plans to identify 250 and house more than 100 chronically homeless adults living with serious mental illness and an established history of frequent behavioral health hospitalizations.

Carol Kress, Vice President, Client Partnerships, MBHP, who helped organize this project said, “For years, MBHP and Beacon have firmly believed that housing is one of the most effective health care interventions. We are proud of our longstanding partnership with MHSA and are thrilled to work with them on the innovative Hospital to Housing initiative that will improve the health of our most vulnerable members by providing them with what they need most—a permanent place to live.”

In accordance with the grant, Beacon/MBHP hired five community health workers (CHWs) to act as liaisons between the members and permanent supportive housing programs. The CHWs will help identify Beacon members who are eligible for the program and act as a resource for members by helping them access community resources and outpatient care, rather than emergency-based care.

Read more about the grant and this innovative program to help some of the most vulnerable individuals in the state.