Beacon Supports Shatterproof

Shatterproof is a national non-profit organization working to end the devastation addiction causes families. Shatterproof’s advocacy efforts have helped 15 states pass legislation to broaden access to life-saving naloxone, strengthen prescription drug monitoring programs, and ensure prescriber practices align with CDC guidelines on opioid stewardship.

How Beacon will support Shatterproof

Beacon will provide Shatterproof a three-year grant that will help fund the development of a rating system of addiction programs nationwide. The rating system Beacon is helping to develop will keep treatment centers accountable and ensure that evidence-based best practices are being upheld.

Additionally, Beacon is:

  • Participating in the Shatterproof task force to shape the development of the rating system
  • Providing data to support claims-based rating measurement
  • Encouraging participation in rating system among providers
  • Promoting use of the rating system by members and families

Rating System for Addiction Treatment Programs

Shatterproof has received funding to pilot the rating system for addiction treatment programs in five states over a three-year period. The pilot will begin in Massachusetts, New York and Ohio, with other states to be added in the future.

The Shatterproof Rating System pilot will employ structure, process, and outcome measures to assess and compare the quality of care in the following areas:

  • Structural measures to assess provider capacity and systems
  • Process measures that indicate how well a provider’s actions align with recommended clinical practices
  • Outcome measures that reflect the impact of the provider’s actions on the health status of the patient

The Shatterproof Rating System will use a mixed-method approach to develop ratings, integrating information from insurance claims, provider surveys, and consumer experience of care.

Beacon and the National Principles of Care

Beacon’s grant reflects the company’s early support of Shatterproof as a member of its Substance Use Disorder Taskforce. The Taskforce developed the groundbreaking, evidenced-based National Principles of Care that aim to improve substance use disorder treatment.

The eight principles below align with Beacon’s long support of evidenced-based care, including the use of medication-assisted treatment and that sustained engagement in long-term treatment is best accomplished in the local outpatient setting:

  • Universal screening for substance use disorders across medical care settings
  • Personalized diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning
  • Rapid access to appropriate Substance Use Disorder care
  • Engagement in continuing long-term outpatient care with monitoring and adjustments to treatment
  • Concurrent, coordinated care for physical and mental illness
  • Access to fully trained and accredited behavioral health professionals
  • Access to FDA-approved medications
  • Access to non-medical recovery support services

These principles, in conjunction with the rating system, are important steps in helping to level out that the wide range of quality in addiction programs across our nation.

Alongside Beacon, financial support is provided by other payers and additional foundation support. As such, states will not bear the costs for the Shatterproof Rating System but will be expected to champion the initiative.

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