Beacon’s Mental Health Services

We have a singular focus on behavioral health, giving us deep insight to help our members realize their hopes for better health and recovery. Recovery is possible.

Beacon’s Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (MHSUD) services give individuals and their families the help they need for depression, post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorders, phobias, substance use and more. We deliver innovative, flexible solutions that enable people to improve their health and wellness, no matter how complicated their conditions.

We also support specialty populations, including persons with dual Medicaid/Medicare eligibility, those with serious mental illness, children with autism, people who require managed long-term support services, persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities and those with co-occurring or comorbid conditions.

With over 30 years of experience, we are the industry leaders, offering customized behavioral health solutions to meet your populations’ needs. The core of every program starts with our clinical excellence, data-driven technologies and experienced, comprehensive provider network.


We have a true understanding of the people we serve. Our care management model focuses on the individual, providing tailor-made solutions at the local level.

We assess each member’s needs holistically, developing a personalized care plan that reflects individual goals for recovery. We surround our members with qualified clinical staff, specialty providers and certified peers to access the right care at the right time and help them navigate the health care delivery and support system.

We engage members to understand what motivates them to take the appropriate steps towards getting the help they need. And we deploy targeted, high-impact interventions to best serve the individual in the journey toward recovery and resiliency.

As a result, the people we serve get better. They recover.


Each of our solutions includes our proprietary and highly scalable, fully integrated information technology platform. This platform integrates all of our transaction systems, desktop applications, portals, and reporting. It supports complete behavioral health programs from initial member contact through claims adjudication and payment.

Simply stated, everything communicates with everything else, and we own the source code.

Everything we do is aimed at building better outcomes for members. Robust analytics are a critical component of our success; they help to drive our decision-making by proving to us what works and what does not. Therefore, our platform also incorporates the full range of management and utilization reporting enabling real-time reporting and decision support to measure program utilization and effectiveness.

Most importantly, using our fully informed data analytics, knowledge, and experience, we are able to improve HEDIS scores and patient outcomes, and lower treatment costs.


Our national network spans every state and encompasses all levels of care from inpatient to intensive outpatient and alternative levels of care, so members can move to a less restrictive setting as soon as their condition improves, while remaining in a safe and therapeutic environment. Ultimately, our goal is to transition members into localized settings to access community-based care, support and resources.

We also develop contracts with acute facilities specifically focused on managing behavioral health costs.

Beacon providers are always on hand to provide members with confidential assessments, counseling and treatment.


Beacon remains committed to providing behavioral health and wellness solutions that focus on total health and well-being. Our solutions help members live healthy, productive lives today and well into the future.

Contact Beacon to learn more about our MHSUD solutions at 866-867-2537 or e-mail