At Beacon Health Options, we know health care is changing. We are on the forefront of this change, guiding the industry and those we serve toward a brighter future. Our singular experience in behavioral health gives us clear insight into what works today and a view of the future of behavioral health. We help people live life to the fullest potential today—and when tomorrow comes, we’ll be there, lighting the way.

Beacon Lens

Beacon Lens is our blog that focuses on quick, often personal response to the most pressing issues in behavioral health care today. The posts represent the many voices of our professionals on meaningful topical discussions.

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Recovering Lives: Vincent’s Story

"I reached a point where I was ready to do everything I always avoided in the past. I told myself I'm going to flip it around and say yes to everything I always said no...

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Creating a Culture of Well-being

Employers everywhere are learning that a healthy workplace is good for business. As a business leader, you have an opportunity to establish well-being as a key...

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Rethinking Opioid Prescribing at the Dentist

One of the insidious components of the opioid crisis is the abundance of the drugs available to the public, and the relative ease some have found in procuring them. One...

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Suicide Prevention: Talk About it at Work

Suicide prevention is a workplace issue, and leaders can create an environment where individuals are more likely to reach out for the help they need. Learn more from...

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