Increasing prevalence makes autism spectrum disorder one of the most important health care issues today. Beacon has the expert solutions to meet the challenges of autism head-on.

Living Your Potential, Fighting For Your Dreams: An Autism Perspective

"Michael is bright. He’s smart. He’s funny. He can do really, really well. He can do wonderful things, and I want to just give him that opportunity. I want him to...

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Texas Partnership Supports Adults with Autism and Other IDDs

Autism services like the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services Beacon provides are generally administered to children and adolescents, but what happens when those...

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How Muppets are Changing the Way We See Autism

In April 2017, the world was formally introduced to Julia, the first Muppet with an autism diagnosis. For many individuals with autism as well as their caregivers,...

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Support

Beacon is the nation’s largest manager of autism insurance benefits in the country, covering 15 million lives and actively managing over 16,000 cases annually on...

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