Increasing prevalence makes autism spectrum disorder one of the most important health care issues today. Beacon has the expert solutions to meet the challenges of autism head-on.

Study: Young People with Autism at Greater Risk for Deadly Injuries

After analyzing data on nearly 40 million U.S. deaths between 1999 and 2014, researchers found that people with autism were three times more likely to die from an...

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How Muppets are Changing the Way We See Autism

In April 2017, the world was formally introduced to Julia, the first Muppet with an autism diagnosis. For many individuals with autism as well as their caregivers,...

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Beacon’s EAP Family Support Services for Autism

An autism diagnosis can be overwhelming for parents as they try to cope with their grief, fear or lack of knowledge and understanding of ASD. For others, the news is a...

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Beacon’s Managed ABA Services

Beacon’s ABA management results in better outcomes for children with as ASD diagnosis. Approximately 16-20% of eligible child members with ASD diagnosis will...

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