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Helping Kids Make Real Progress: A Systems Approach

Effective systems of care for children with behavioral, emotional and developmental challenges begins with a commitment to certain tried and true principles, including early interventions and services tailored to the individual needs of children and their families, just to name a few. Although these key principles are supported by years of research, many service delivery…

More Effective Care for Children with an ASD Diagnosis

ASD care is currently fragmented and often unmanaged. There is a better way.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Support

Beacon offers support for families and children with ASD.

Autism FAQs

If you have questions about an ASD diagnosis or how autism is treated, we can answer them.

ABA Services for ASD Treatment

The current state of services for the treatment of autism is a complex but fragmented system of care. The effective treatment of autism involves various systems (education, medical, behavioral) with numerous providers. An effective care system must include the following components: A person-centric process that allows parents’ and caretakers’ involvement and decision-making Collaboration and care…