Mental Health

With a singular focus on behavioral health for over 30 years, Beacon’s unmatched insight helps our members realize their hopes for better health and recovery. The core of every program starts with our clinical excellence, data driven technologies and our experienced, comprehensive provider network. From dealing with occasional stress to living with serious mental illness, we deliver innovative solutions for better mental health, no matter how complicated the condition.

Beacon’s Mental Health First Aid Initiative

Last September during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Beacon launched Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training to address the stigma associated with suicide and to...

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Recovering Lives

“He can do wonderful things, and I want to just give him that opportunity. I want him to have a normal life.” “Once she hit the age of 13, instead of calling...

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Underutilized Best Practice for SPMI: Long-acting Injectables

One of the biggest challenges in treating people with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) is their significant risk for hospital readmission, primarily related...

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Beacon’s Mental Health Services

We have a singular focus on behavioral health, giving us deep insight to help our members realize their hopes for better health and recovery. Recovery is...

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