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A Culture of Recovery: Beacon Health Options Peer Services

You may have heard of peers, or individuals who have lived experience with mental illness or substance use disorders and are specially trained to help others move forward on the path to recovery. Peers engage, educate and empower members and their families to connect with support services, community resources and advocacy assistance–and at Beacon, they’re…

Surveying Your Organization’s Resilience

How has your organization weathered adversity or challenging situations? More importantly, how prepared is your organization for challenges yet to come? Take our survey to assess your organization’s resilience development needs, and get key insights into: How your core culture supports individual and organizational resilience How your organization has responded to adversity How prepared your…

Stamp Out Stigma

We introduced the Stamp Out Stigma (S.O.S.) campaign in May 2013 to show our commitment to removing the stigma of mental illness and to educate people on the importance of seeking care when they need it. The name “Stamp Out Stigma” was selected to describe the campaign’s chief mission: to defeat the obstructive nature of…

Resilience Trainings: Team Resilience & TeamUpNow™

The Health and Productivity Climate Index assesses workplace strengths and risks and our trainings programs help participants identify and overcome those risks.

Building Resilience

Learn about Beacon’s resilience-building services that support both individual and organizational resilience.