Workplace Health and Performance

Personal challenges rarely stay at home and yet employees often hide their stress, depression, relationship struggles, addictions, and other issues. They don’t seek help for reasons such as fear of damaging their reputation or career, confidentiality concerns, or stigma associated with accessing mental health and/or substance abuse treatment.  Beacon Health Options can partner with you to help promote your employees’ emotional, financial, physical, and social well-being while also helping to improve productivity and your organization’s bottom line. We can implement innovative, customized programs that fit your company’s unique workforce culture, seamlessly integrate with your benefit and wellness programs, engage employees and dependents, and reduce the barriers that typically prevent individuals from accessing needed treatment.

Study Links Good Company Culture to Strong Business Results

Does a positive work culture affect a company’s bottom line? Research conducted at the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and the Globoforce WorkHuman Research Institute...

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Prescription Drug Misuse Impacts More Than 70 Percent of US Workplaces

Prescription drug misuse is a national epidemic affecting individuals, families, and communities—and the workplace is no exception. A survey released by the National...

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Work/Life Services

We recognize that your employees—like our own—need help to maintain work/life balance and productivity. Life is complex: demanding schedules may overwhelm employees....

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