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Beacon Health Options is strongly committed to our members, clients and providers to ensure that mental health needs are being met during this stressful time.

We recognize that many of our members and providers are being encouraged or mandated to stay at home in order to prevent community spread of coronavirus.  When clinically appropriate, telehealth can be an effective way for members to begin or continue their care through a mental health provider safely from their homes via phone, tablet or computer-enabled web cam. 

The policy changes contained in these documents are intended to apply to most of our members and plans and offer general guidance only. Not all health plans have adopted the leniencies we describe (especially with respect to certain commercial, Medicaid and employer plans). If you are unsure of coverage please contact the National Provider Service Line at 800-397-1630.

Please note that since this is a rapidly evolving situation, any new state and federal mandates will override any guidance we have provided.

Caring Through COVID Webinar Series

  • Navigating the return to in-person school: Helping children and teens succeed – video | powerpoint
  • Medications for opioid use disorder: Why, what, how? – video | powerpoint
  • Managing challenging clinical situations via telehealth – powerpoint
  • Mental health and substance use disorder in rural communities – video
  • Measurement Based Care – video | powerpoint
  • Trauma and addiction: Down the rabbit hole – video | powerpoint
  • Closing the behavioral health treatment gap: Overcoming health inequality – video | powerpoint
  • Recent federal behavioral health policy updates – video | powerpoint
  • Suicide and COVID-19 in minority populations – video | powerpoint
  • Emerging promising practices for Medication Assisted Treatment using telehealth – video | powerpoint
  • Use of telehealth for applied behavioral analysis – video | powerpoint
  • Integrating primary care and behavioral health during COVID-19 – video | powerpoint
  • Supporting primary care clinicians to address COVID-19 behavioral health issues – video | powerpoint
  • Treatment of children and families over telehealth – video | powerpoint
  • Suicide prevention and care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond – video | powerpoint
  • COVID-19 Exposure to secondary trauma and provider resiliency – video | powerpoint
  • Social determinants of health: Treatment implications – video | powerpoint
  • Telehealth documentation 101: Bridging the virtual gap – video | powerpoint
  • Delivering substance use disorder care via telehealth – video | powerpoint
  • Compassion fatigue for providers and clinicians – video | powerpoint
  • Effective management of a remote team webinar – video | powerpoint
  • Telehealth for IOP and PHP – video | powerpoint
  • Exploring wellbeing in a pandemic – video | powerpoint
  • Crisis planning utilizing telehealth: Managing risk – video | powerpoint
  • Telehealth 101: What you need to know to get started – video | powerpoint
  • Suicide identification and prevention – video | powerpoint
  • Triaging referrals to prioritize access – video | powerpoint
  • Stress-related conditions in healthcare workers and first responders – video | powerpoint
  • Healthcare workers – Taking it day by day – video | powerpoint

COVID 19 Provider Resources

State Specific Guidelines