Employee Assistance Services: Legal, Financial and Identity Theft Solutions

Your employees and their families may experience financial and legal hurdles at some point in their lives. These challenges, such as financial planning, divorce, custody disputes or identify theft, can lead to significant stress, worry and distraction that can negatively impact employee health, job performance and productivity.

The Beacon Health Options Solution

Beacon Health Options provides a complete suite of services to help your employees manage the complexities of their unique legal and financial situations. By turning to legal and financial experts, we offer timely access to trusted, reliable resources that will help resolve these important concerns, enabling your employees to refocus on their job responsibilities.


Our legal service provides employees with a safe, confidential discussion with a knowledgeable attorney located in their area. Participants receive a free, 30-minute legal consultation and have the option of retaining the attorney at a reduced cost.

Legal assistance includes family law, bankruptcy, loan consolidation, powers of attorney, guardianship, housing/real estate, traffic violations, estate planning and criminal matters.


Mediation services save money, time and aggravation, giving participants greater control of the dispute outcome and providing a confidential forum for resolving conflicts.

Our trained mediators can assist employees with divorce and child custody cases, car accidents and a host of other common disputes. Employees and dependents receive a free mediation consultation and can access additional services for a discounted hourly rate.

Financial Coaching

For employees with more complex, ongoing financial needs, we offer the My Secure Advantage (MSA) financial wellness program. MSA is a coaching program that helps employees get the most from their financial management practices and retirement investments and to make sound financial decisions.

First, MSA features a full suite of bene ts including on- site classes, member-driven web portals, monthly money saving tips, webinars and employee incentives. The second component is financial coaching to help resolve financial challenges and achieve the employee’s goals.

MSA is priced competitively and can be customized based upon employer budget or employees needs. After the initial employer-sponsored consultation period ends, employees can elect to enroll in MSA on a self-pay basis. The program typically yields 5%-62% utilization by employees in the first year alone.

Identity Theft

Because it falls on the victim to resolve, identity theft becomes an employer problem when employees spend valuable work time and resources to restore their identities. Our program provides the education and guidance victims need to restore personal identity, credit rating, financial security and legal integrity. Our Fraud Resolution Specialists conduct emergency response activities, provide an emergency response kit and deliver expert support for disputing costly fraudulent debts.

A Legacy of Results

Beacon Health Options is committed to the wellbeing of your workforce. We believe that providing your employees with a well designed EAP that includes Legal/Financial services will help relieve stress and improve workplace productivity, ultimately enriching their lives and your bottom line.

With over 30 years of experience, Beacon Health Options is the national leader in providing EAP services across every type of employer organization. We are experts in designing and implementing customized programs that combine proven best practices and innovative EAP service delivery. These efforts improve not only employee health and wellness; but also the fiscal health of your organization. Our EAP supports businesses and employees in key areas to:

  • Increase employee productivity, job satisfaction and morale
  • Reduce employee stress, absenteeism, costly turnover and health care expenses
  • Promote healthy living skills for employees and their families
  • Attract and retain a skilled workforce