Five Tips to Help a Loved One on the Road to Recovery

Recovering from a substance use disorder is often a long and difficult journey, and Beacon is there for you and your loved ones every step of the way. identifies five tips for living with a person recovering from a substance use disorder. Importantly, identifies that substance use disorders not only affects the individual, but also the entire family. The five tips are:

  1. Understand Extended Problems
  2. Become Educated and Stay Involved
  3. Support Sobriety
  4. Obtain Support for Yourself
  5. Reduce Stress

Beacon’s EAP and MHSUD services can help. EAP Care Managers can locate resources, such as community peer and support groups, to help the family of someone on the road to recovery understand what to expect and how to provide support without jeopardizing the relationship with the individual.

Additionally, the five tips describe the importance of family and individual counseling. Often we focus on the person needing the most help, and neglect to realize that the support network requires its own unique care. Beacon’s EAP and MHSUD professionals are available for counseling, as well.