Ce que disent les données

Study: Young People with Autism at Greater Risk for Deadly Injuries

After analyzing data on nearly 40 million U.S. deaths between 1999 and 2014, researchers found that people with autism were three times more likely to die from an accidental injury—and if they’re under age 15, the rate was 42 times higher. Get the full scoop in Reuters Health—including what parents and caregivers can do to…

Mesurer les résultats réels de l'ABA

As part of Beacon’s ABA Care Management model, we incorporate real-time clinical data—such as utilization and outcome trends—to ensure that services are being delivered effectively, and to gauge the progress of each individual case in our care. In California where we’ve managed ABA benefits since 2012, Beacon conducted an in-depth clinical data analysis of our active…

Coût de l'autisme

L'autisme a des coûts directs et indirects, qui sont stupéfiants et en augmentation.