Que faire si vous recevez une facture pour des services d'urgence hors réseau ou une facture surprise

If you receive a bill for out-of-network emergency services or you receive a surprise bill for out-of-network services, you should contact us. If it’s a surprise bill, the out-of-network provider must provide you with a surprise bill Formulaire de cession des avantages as well.

If you “assign benefits” for a surprise bill in writing to an out-of-network provider who knows you’re insured under a health care plan, that provider cannot seek payment from you — except for any in-network cost-sharing (in-network copayment, coinsurance and/or deductible) that applies to the service under the terms of your plan.

If you receive a surprise bill for out-of-network services and you want to assign benefits, send Beacon Health Options the following documents:

  1. Standard Assignment of Benefits Form (only surprise bills)
  2. Claim form
  3. Copy of the billDocumentation can be sent to one of the following:
    Courrier Boîte postale 1851
    Hicksville, NY 11802
    Fax (855) 378-8309
    Email nysurprisebill@beaconhealthoptions.com
  4. Upon receiving this information, we will process a claim for the related services. You must also submit a copy of the Assignment of Benefits form to your provider.