The challenges within Idaho are clear—and the time has come to create real solutions to the behavioral health issues facing our state.  The facts are evident.

  • Death by suicide: Idaho’s suicide rate is almost 50 percent higher than the national average
  • Geography: While much of the state is classified as rural or frontier, many resources (crisis centers, psychiatrists, etc.) are located in larger communities
  • Workforce Shortages: The entire state of Idaho is designated as a Mental Health Professional Shortage Area.
  • Transitions of Care: There are significant issues with provider capacity, access to care in a person’s home community and access to a full continuum of care
  • Crisis Response System: There is no standard process or system to assure a minimum standard of response. The existing crisis centers cannot meet the total needs of the state
  • Stigma: Anonymity is difficult in rural areas, therefore there is a stigma associated with asking for and receiving help.
  • Addiction: Addiction rates continue to soar, more than 14 percent of those 18-25 report a substance dependence.

Expansive specialty solutions combined with local expertise:

The Idaho Behavioral Health Collaborative brings the strength, expertise and best practices of Beacon Health Options, a national behavioral health leader coupled with the trusted relationships, local decision making and flexibility of BPA Health, Idaho’s leading local behavioral health administrator. The two organizations have a combined 75 years of expertise, 35 of them in the state of Idaho, serving patients across the spectrum, from mild-to-moderate to chronic and complex.

The partnership was created to meet the needs of Idahoans and to be the next Managed Behavioral Health Organization for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.  Our goal is to address the challenges of access, rising costs, and increasing quality expectations while focusing on strong community collaborations, member and family engagement, patient health outcomes, transparency, and evidence-based practices.

Idaho Behavioral Health Collaborative partners include:

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Evidence-based solutions for Idahoans:

The Idaho Behavioral Health Collaborative will create, side by side with our partners and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, a behavioral health plan that meets the needs of Idaho communities with real-time solutions to problems to ensure Idahoans—children and adults– get the care they need when they need it. We provide a personalized, data-driven approach that supports the right care for an individual’s mental health and well-being. Our insights-driven approach engages patients/members and their families and support systems to improve their total health which leads to greater member satisfaction and better health outcomes.

Our long-term, trusted relationships with Idaho providers ensure they receive the support to grow their business and focus on the business of providing quality care, successful outcomes, transparency and evidence-based practices to each and every patient.

Expanding access in rural areas:

The need for a robust system in the state of Idaho has never been stronger. Approximately 77 percent of U.S. counties have a severe shortage of psychiatrists and behavioral health providers. That is why the Idaho Behavioral Health Collaborative believes the solution is to increase the amount of care provided through other modalities, including telehealth and online, and innovative thinking around who provides certain types of services, where services can be rendered and how we can build provider capacity with other interested stakeholders such as commercial payers.

Our goal is to deliver tailored behavioral health services to patients where ever and whenever they need them through a multi-modal approach with the ability to guarantee timely access to high-quality care.

Rapid connection to treatment and continuous engagement are the leading indicators of sustained OUD recovery. Our comprehensive opioid management solution improves member engagement and adherence to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and addresses system shortfalls to ensure access to evidence-based care through:

On a national level, our partners collaborate with providers to improve recovery outcomes by:

  • Offering value-based payment (VBP) models to expand our specialty MAT network, improve network performance, and reward improved MAT access and adherence.
  • Providing field-based clinical, quality, and technical assistance to support the network.
  • Helping providers improve transitions of care from inpatient settings to outpatient care inclusive of evidence-based treatment, such as MAT.

Nationally, one of our founding partners, Beacon Health Options, trains and educates prescribers on MAT. Participants report improved confidence using MAT and can receive Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) through the New England Addiction Technology Transfer Center at Brown University or other local academic partnerships.

Beacon Health Options is also a member of the Shatterproof Substance Use Disorder Treatment Taskforce that developed the groundbreaking, evidence-based National Principles of Care to improve treatment and we are helping fund, develop, and promote a rating system of addiction programs nationwide.