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  • ビーコンは飛散防止をサポートします

    12月 17, 2018

    Shatterproof is a national non-profit organization working to end the devastation addiction causes families. Shatterproof’s advocacy efforts have helped 15 states pass legislation to broaden access to life-saving naloxone, strengthen prescription drug monitoring programs, and ensure prescriber practices align with CDC guidelines on opioid stewardship. How Beacon will support Shatterproof Beacon will provide Shatterproof a three-year grant that will help fund the development of a rating system of addiction programs nationwide. The rating system Beacon is helping to develop will keep treatment centers accountable and ensure that evidence-based best practices are being upheld. Additionally, Beacon is: Participating in the Shatterproof task force to shape the development of the rating system…


    1月 19, 2018

    “He can do wonderful things, and I want to just give him that opportunity. I want him to have a normal life.” “Once she hit the age of 13, instead of calling the ambulance, they were going to call the police and lock her up. And I did not want her to get caught up in the criminal system.”   “I almost talked myself into believing that this was the person I was going to be…an alcoholic, drug-using person. And in some kind of strange denial, I thought that that was my destiny.” In the powerful new documentary Recovering Lives, we follow the journeys of three Beacon members receiving support…


    9月 5, 2017

    Every year, more than 41,000 people die by suicide, making it the tenth leading cause of death in U.S. While these statistics are sobering, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month reminds us that dying by suicide is not an inevitability. In fact, for every one person who dies by suicide in the U.S., there are approximately 278 people move past serious thoughts of suicide, and nearly 60 who have survived a suicide attempt, the overwhelming majority of whom will go on to live out their lives (National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention). Suicide is preventable, yet it remains a highly stigmatized topic that many of us feel uncomfortable discussing, even with friends…


    1月 4, 2017