Beacon Behavioral: Crisis Solutions – Georgia

Georgia ranks 43rd in the US for access to mental health care, which means that almost 2/3 of Georgians with a mental illness did not receive services in the past year. 1 It ranks 48 in availability of mental health providers, where accessibility is worse in rural and lower-income areas. Beacon Health Options, as an administrative services organization (ASO), partners with Behavioral Health Link and Delmarva Foundation to provide telephonic and mobile crisis single-point-of-entry services for the Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL), which serves all Georgia residents, regardless of insurance type.

The ASO’s Georgia Crisis and Access Line provides person-centered crisis response services to approximately 10 million Georgia residents. It delivers telephonic crisis intervention services; links people to urgent appointment services; and helps them to find an open spot in a crisis or withdrawal management facility as individuals go through the five phases of crisis-system involvement.

Faster linkage to care with immediate access to routine or crisis services, 24/7/365

  • 18,000 – 25,000 monthly calls
  • ~430 texts and chats answered monthly

Real-time, onsite crisis resolution with mobile crisis teams

  • Live dispatch monitor allows location and communication with mobile teams
  • Rural and urban one-hour response

Improved system navigation through cutting-edge technology

Software and web-based tools enable staff to:

  • Collaborate on problem-solving with the caller while collecting data
  • Track available emergent resources
  • Connect the individual to the most appropriate and closest resource

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