Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services

The CDC report that about 25% of U.S. adults have a mental illness and nearly half will develop at least one mental illness during their lifetime.

Good mental health is essential to employee well-being and a thriving, productive workforce. But for many employees, behavioral health concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction go hidden and untreated, often for fear of a damaged career or reputation, confidentiality concerns, or the stigma of seeking treatment.

In addition to eroding employees’ quality of life, untreated mental health and substance use issues cost business billions per year in lost productivity and drive up long-term health care costs in the process.

The Beacon Health Options Solution

With more than 30 years of care management expertise, Beacon Health Options is the undisputed leader in delivering specialty mental health and substance use disorder (MHSUD) solutions. Set apart by our singular focus on behavioral health, Beacon is powered by in-house clinical experts committed to the highest standards of care, while our highly collaborative provider networks and community-based partnerships deliver the specialized support your employees and dependents need to recover and thrive.

Most importantly, we tailor every solution to your company’s unique needs, helping you improve employee health outcomes, boost productivity, and improve your business’ bottom line.

Specialty Solutions

Beacon understands the issues that matter most to you and your employees. In addition to our standard MHSUD product offering, we offer specialty solutions for a wide range of MHSUD concerns, including:

  • Autism Program: Comprehensive support for children with autism and their families, including Applied Behavioral Analysis services, coordinated care management, and coaching support to help caregivers become stronger advocates.
  • Opioid Management Program: We view opioid use disorder (OUD) as a chronic illness best treated by a chronic disease model of care that promotes community-based care coordination, medication-assisted treatment, and other recovery-oriented interventions. Our comprehensive opioid management solution combines analytic, network, and clinical expertise to support providers in caring for members through every step of their recovery journey to long-term improved health. Our OUD program works to engage members, families, and caregivers throughout the recovery process to improve outcomes and quality of life.
  • Depression Management: Support, coaching resources, and clinical care for every level of the care management continuum, including advanced case management for those needing more intensive services.
  • Psychiatric Disability Management: Transition support for employees coming back to the workplace after prolonged time away to recover from behavioral health issues, helping you minimize disability costs and lost work days.

Integration for Better Outcomes

Because Beacon understands that the most effective treatment incorporates physical, behavioral, and social well-being, we specialize in treating mental illness and substance use disorders on a fully integrated basis, with solutions delivered at the local level.

We also support integration at the provider level, working collaboratively with providers, and facilitating integration through practical tools, training, consultations, and assessments.

A Robust Network of Specialty Providers

Beacon’s provider networks are specifically built to support behavioral health and substance use disorder needs, ensuring members have access to skilled specialists and timely care. Our national network spans more than 100,000 behavioral health providers and facilities, with custom networks for individual specialties such as autism, employee assistance, opioid use disorder, and diagnostic specialty units.

Data-Driven Technology and Tools

Beacon uses a sophisticated behavioral health system built from the ground up to support the specialized needs of the behavioral health management business. This automated platform captures critical member clinical and demographic information, allowing us to stratify at-risk members and conduct targeted outreach with your employees and dependents, as well as inform individual treatment planning. In addition, our secure, interactive dashboards allow you to develop fully-customizable data and performance statistics so you can make informed, real-time decisions about your MHSUD program.

We also provide mobile, on-demand care through our telehealth service, a video-based counseling platform that allows users to access high-quality treatment services with a licensed provider without having to leave their home or office. Telehealth offers a wide range of behavioral health services—including medication management, behavioral health assessments, therapies, and counseling—while giving employees the flexibility they need to access care. In addition to reducing work absences, the ease and privacy of telehealth also reduces the stigma of accessing mental health services for employees, encouraging more of your workforce to receive the care they need.