Connecting the dots between behavioral health and housing

Medical Director of Integration Dr. Nancy Norman, MPH, discusses the connections between behavioral health and safe/affordable housing, insecure housing and homelessness, and how Anthem is increasing access to housing and behavioral healthcare to improve outcomes.

When substance use and pregnancy collide

VP Medical Director Dr. Sandrine Pirard discusses the prevalence of substance use disorders in pregnant and postpartum women and what is being done to effectively identify and treat these women.

Reducing health disparities through culturally competent care

Associate Director of Behavioral Health Services Dr. Charma Dudley discusses the ways in which disparities in access, awareness and treatment affect behavioral health outcomes for diverse populations and how Anthem is increasing cultural competency among providers to address health inequities.

Compassionately and effectively responding to behavioral health crisis

Crisis Solutions Leader Wendy Farmer discusses how behavioral health crises are currently addressed, and the importance of developing accessible, recovery-oriented crisis systems to reduce stigma and provide effective behavior health crises interventions.