Availity Essentials Provider Resources

Availity Essentials is a secure, one-stop, self-service claims portal.

Beginning on March 1, 2022, Availity Essentials becomes the preferred multi-payer portal of choice for submitting the following transactions to Beacon Health Options:

  • Claim Submissions (Direct Data Entry Professional and Facility Claims) applications or EDI using the Availity EDI Gateway
  • Eligibility & Benefits
  • Claim Status

Provider Resources

Availity Essentials Client Services Phone Number: 1-800-282-4548
Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday

Availity Essentials website: https://www.availity.com/
Information You Will Find Here: Overview of the type of services provided, training and education

Availity Essentials Provider Portal: https://apps.availity.com/availity/web/public.elegant.login
Information You Will Find Here: Eligibility and benefits, claims status tracking, reporting and dashboards

How to register your provider organization with Availity Essentials: https://apps.availity.com/availity/Demos/Availity_Portal_Registration.pdf
Information You Will Find Here: A step-by-step guide on how to register your organization, including screenshots

Availity Essentials Reference Guide for New Users: https://www.availity.com/documents/Welcome_New_User.pdf
Information You Will Find Here: A list of action items to help you get started with your new Availity Essentials account

EDI Welcome App: https://apps.availity.com/web/welcome/#/
Information You Will Find Here: Information on how to submit EDI transactions in the system and how to sign up for Availity EDI Clearinghouse

Availity Essentials Training Resources: https://www.availity.com/training-and-education
Information You Will Find Here: Tools and topics that are relevant to providers, including eligibility, claims, and compliance

Availity Essentials Training Microsite: https://apps.availity.com/availity/Demos/LP_AP_GetStarted/index.html#/
Information You Will Find Here: Specific training for registered Availity Essentials users

Please note you must register your organization on Availity before you can access the Availity Essentials Training Microsite.