Integrated Care Toolkit

With its extensive clinical experience and its fully integrated technology, Beacon Health Options is the leading integrator of primary medical care and behavioral health care, demonstrating improved care coordination, member engagement, and clinical outcomes.

Our Vision

  • A population based, total health management strategy designed to:
    • Promote healthy behavior
    • Effectively manage chronic illness
    • Eliminate barriers to treatment
    • Increase service coordination and provider collaboration
    • Contain health care costs
  • Focus on the physical, behavioral, and psychosocial environment needs of the population, instead of a fragmented “silo” approach.
  • Proactive identification, outreach, and assessment to intervene as early as possible along the wellness/ disease continuum.

Our Approach

  • Leverage our expertise in behavioral health and public sector program experience, while extending our capabilities into physical health management.
  • Integrate physical health, behavioral health, and psychosocial care management into a single product, using behavior change principles and evidence-based practice guidelines.
  • Utilize best-in-class analytical, assessment, and care planning tools.
  • Feature a robust and extremely flexible design that is easily adaptable to clients’ program preferences.

Our Message of Integration

Beacon Health Options offers practical, feasible, on the ground solutions for an evolving healthcare landscape. We support integrated care regardless of who it’s for or where it takes place. We support primary-care based integration and behavioral-health based integration. We work within carved-out and carved-in systems. We recognize the need for specialty population management (e.g. SNPs), but we also support integrated care delivery to the population at large.

We define integration broadly, along a continuum, and support it at all levels from care coordination to extreme integration. We recognize that solutions must be tailored to readiness, and must work within practice and state-level constraints.

We are the ONLY company of our kind that has co-developed collaborative integration measurement tools to identify the critical features of integration responsible for better outcomes.

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  • Additional resources to help achieve integration. Check out our comprehensive Integration Tool Kit:
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