On Track Outcomes Program

The Beacon Health Options (Beacon) On Track Outcomes Program is based on the evidence-based practice known as feedback-informed treatment. Feedback-informed treatment refers to the practice of providing psychotherapy treatment that is informed by patient-reported treatment outcomes. Providing client health status feedback to clinicians has been shown to significantly improve outcomes, especially for clients who are not doing well in therapy.

The goal of On Track is to provide clinicians with state of the art, easy-to-use tools that promote improved client outcomes. On Track is designed to support clinicians as they help their clients achieve their goals. Beacon clinicians may use On Track for all of their EAP counseling or outpatient psychotherapy clients, including, if they choose, those clients who are not Beacon members!

Participating in On Track

Individual clinicians with access to the Beacon’s ProviderConnect portal can access On Track tools by clicking on the program links after logging in. Not yet a ProviderConnect user? Register on the login page to become a new user. The first time you use On Track you will be asked to confirm key information used by On Track before being connected to the On Track forms and tools. You must have an email address and an NPI.

Once connected to the ProviderConnect home page, simply click on the link to “View my Outcomes with On Track” under the “Clinical Support Tools” heading, then click on the icon labeled “Print an On Track Outcomes Client Feedback Form” to activate your On Track Toolkit and print your personalized On Track questionnaires.

Note: Group practices and group practice administrators will not be able to access On Track through ProviderConnect and should send an email to OnTrack.Outcomes@beaconhealthoptions.com for information about how to begin using On Track.

Introduction to Beacon On Track Outcomes Program

Providers interested in learning more about this exciting program are encouraged to attend an introductory webinar. When available, dates and registration links will be provided here. To expedite your connection to the webinar, we encourage registration in advance.

Additional Resources

Note: The Beacon On Track Outcomes program does not make recommendations or decisions about appropriate clinical care or service. Any questionnaires, reports, guidelines and other material related to this program are intended as an informational aid to network clinicians. They do not substitute for or limit in any way the use of other resources and the provider’s own professional judgment in the delivery of counseling services.

NOTE: The Beacon On Track Outcomes Program is intended for use with members receiving outpatient psychotherapy and EAP counseling services.