Psychiatric Disability Management

Untreated mental illnesses in the United States cost more than $100 billion a year in lost productivity, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Workplace absences due to a mental health disorder or physical illness/injury (such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism or substance abuse) potentially hamper a company’s productivity and bottom line through lost revenue, disability pay and the cost of temporary job replacement.

Beacon can help you take measures to reduce disability costs, minimize lost work time and ensure your employees remain engaged and productive.

The Beacon Health Options Solution

Beacon can help employers minimize lost productivity and control costs associated with staff who require prolonged time away from the job to recover from behavioral health issues. Our Psychiatric Disability Management Program follows a personalized approach to care and focuses on early identification, treatment and recovery to help employees quickly, safely, and successfully transition back into the workplace.

Our program includes comprehensive psychiatric and functional assessment, immediate referral to the appropriate level and modality of care, and an evaluation of concomitant family and/or social stressors with appropriate referrals and interventions. The program assesses a claimant’s functional limitations and immediately applies resources that ensure timely recovery and return to work. Early intervention and an individualized approach to return-to-work planning are crucial to a successful outcome.

Our Approach to Recovery

Beacon believes work has a strong therapeutic value, a concept that is endorsed by professional organizations such as the Integrated Benefits Institute. Our method of treatment and rehabilitation for disabled employees establishes the goal to return to work from day one.

Our approach involves licensed behavioral clinicians who manage and monitor the entire disability process. From clinical evaluation, assessment and intervention to personalized case management and employee assistance support, our specially-trained Disability Care Managers coordinate clinically appropriate treatment plans, specially tailored to manage an employee’s condition.

Our innovative, independent front-end disability assessment tool measures claimant functionality and determines the optimal course of treatment for the employee from the onset of the claim and helps guide the employee back to a healthy work/life balance.

In addition, our network providers follow proven treatment techniques that help restore the individual’s level of functioning and quality of life. Our national network of Disability Providers and Assessors are specially trained in disability management—each provider receives training on the nuances of treating and evaluating this population of claimants and is also briefed on the special handling and cultural specific issues that may exist within an employer’s workforce. Approximately 7,000 of our network providers specialize in disability management.

Our Psychiatric Disability Management services help foster a safe and healthy work environment by:

  • Promoting early identification and effective treatment interventions
  • Encouraging patient self-care management skills
  • Promoting integrated health solutions
  • Supporting medication and treatment adherence
  • Providing assessment, engagement, coordination and consultation services
  • Coordinating care with multidisciplinary providers