Recovering Lives: Vincent’s Story

“I reached a point where I was ready to do everything I always avoided in the past. I told myself I’m going to flip it around and say yes to everything I always said no to, and see what happens.” —Vincent, describing the moment he committed to recovery

The Connecticut Behavioral Health Partnership (CT BHP) supports over 800,000 individuals and families in the state’s Medicaid program. Recovering Lives shares three of their stories related to autism, childhood trauma, and addiction.

Vincent started drinking alcoholically at the age of 15. Now 64, and in recovery from opioid use disorder, he fears the prospect of dying homeless and alone. With the help of medication-assisted treatment and a dedicated care team, Vincent becomes determined to change his life. As he continues on his path toward lasting recovery, he proves it’s never too late to reshape your future.

Recovering Lives was produced by Beacon Health Options to illustrate our core competencies in supporting individuals’ recoveries. As demonstrated in these real-life vignettes, the work is person-centered, strength-based, and relationship focused. You can watch the full documentary here.