Recovering Lives

“He can do wonderful things, and I want to just give him that opportunity. I want him to have a normal life.”

“Once she hit the age of 13, instead of calling the ambulance, they were going to call the police and lock her up. And I did not want her to get caught up in the criminal system.”  

“I almost talked myself into believing that this was the person I was going to be…an alcoholic, drug-using person. And in some kind of strange denial, I thought that that was my destiny.”

In the powerful new documentary Recovering Lives, we follow the journeys of three Beacon members receiving support for mental health and substance use disorders: there’s Michael, an adolescent on the autism spectrum; Christina, a teenager with complex care needs; and Vincent, a man in recovery from opioid use disorder.

Told through a series of moving vignettes, these three member stories are a small snapshot of the nearly 800,000 individuals and families in Connecticut’s Medicaid program, where Beacon administers services as part of the Connecticut Behavioral Health Partnership (CT BHP).

In addition to showing the real and sometimes complex experiences of the people we serve, Recovering Lives gives viewers a glimpse into the work Beacon does each day—from intensive care coordination to providing peer support—and why these interventions are so critical for members and their families. Just as importantly, you’ll see the relationships behind these evidence-based interventions, and hear from a few of the Beacon staffers working first-hand to connect members with the services and support they need to get back to their communities.