Resilience Trainings: Team Resilience & TeamUpNow™

Resilient businesses are positioned to be more profitable, and resilient employees contribute more to sustained organizational performance. To help employers evaluate their organizational resilience, Beacon offers a workplace assessment tool to help determine workplace strengths, weaknesses and employee attitudes. Based on assessment results, we can then work with clients to develop targeted online and in-person training programs to enhance participants’ individual resiliency and increase their healthy behaviors.

The Beacon Health Options Solution

The Health and Productivity Climate Index (HPCI) is an easy-to-use workplace climate assessment tool to help identify areas of strength and risks, enabling employers to customize a strategy to local conditions. Moreover, with such a tool, program leaders can compare results before and after an intervention.

The HPCI assesses local work group conditions that support or hamper any health and productivity (wellness) effort. It assesses employees’ perceptions of their work group risks and strengths for purposes of proactive program design, ROI estimation and outcome assessment. By organizing employee perceptions into categories known to drive productivity and performance, employers will gain an overall picture of employee attitudes, needs and concerns regarding health and productivity.

The index also offers the employer detailed feedback with insights and recommendations on how to help employees achieve health goals and build resilience.

The HPCI is a unique tool with several important features:

  • Evidence-based: Developed with a grant from the National Institutes of Health
  • Comprehensive: Includes seven climate dimensions that impact health and productivity
  • Offers clear benchmarks: Each dimension is compared on a continuum of healthy work climate functioning, ranging from problem to resilient
  • Comparison norms available: Across 40 different work groups; seven industries
  • Strengths-based: Visual feedback emphasizes “strength” in each dimension
  • Convenient: Electronic option with automated aggregate visual display
  • Confidential: Results are aggregated; no individual score can be identified
  • Performance-based projection reports: With optional consultation, results can help managers set quantitative goals
  • Pin-point analyses: Item-by-item analysis for a “deeper dive” focus (optional)

For each dimension, feedback includes a total score and the relative degree of risks versus strengths. An overall pro le interpretation is also provided. Work group managers also receive a report comparing their perceptions with the work group.

Training Programs

Team Resilience is a workplace health promotion and behavioral health prevention program designed to enhance participants’ individual resiliency and increase their healthy behaviors (e.g., reducing alcohol use and lowering personal stress), thereby contributing to a positive work environment. It helps participants set goals, address unhealthy habits such as tobacco and alcohol use, manage stress, improve communication skills and learn how to access support through the EAP, Work/Life services and community resources. By incorporating group interaction and peer-to-peer communication, Team Resilience disseminates the skills learned by participants into the work environment to benefit all employees, including those who are not directly exposed to the intervention. Through a randomized clinical trial, Team Resilience has been shown to yield the following positive outcomes:

  • Reductions in personal stress were found at six- and 12-months following training
  • Reductions in work-related stress exposures were found at six- and 12-months following training
  • Improvements were seen among employees not directly exposed to the training
  • Reductions in heavy/problematic alcohol use
  • Reductions in job-related alcohol use (e.g., working with a hangover)

TeamUpNow is an Internet-based training program and social game designed to provide workers with skills for well-being, stress management, communication, and a positive workplace climate. This program is built upon the nationally recognized and evidence-based Team Awareness and Team Resilience curriculum and includes peer-to- peer encouragement skills to promote a productive culture of health.

TeamUpNow uses evidence-based programs and practices for computerized delivery via multimedia lessons and an interactive game played in small groups. The game includes features such as experience points, badges and leaderboards. The learning center has five lessons: Well-being, Centering, Acting, Relating and Encouraging.

Employee and team engagement in TeamUpNow can be supported with an incentive strategy for points earned and badges built, and for team leaderboard status in game play. We can provide reports on individual progress to align with other wellness incentive strategies.