Beacon Behavioral: Crisis Solutions – Washington

The state of Washington ranks 46 out of 50 states for capacity of inpatient psychiatric beds and 48th for how well the state generally serves its residents with mental illness.1,2 Consequently, Washington is working on improving its behavioral health system, including crisis services. As the Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization for Washington, Beacon Health Options manages behavioral health crisis services for all individuals, regardless of insurance status, in three regions: Southwest Washington, North Central Washington and Pierce County Washington.

Beacon’s crisis services in Washington put the individual first, regardless of insurance coverage. A toll-free regional crisis hotline that operates 24/7/365 is the single point of entry into the behavioral health services system. Resources include mobile crisis teams, referral to behavioral health services, short-term substance use disorder crisis services, and care coordination by Beacon staff – all to support an individual’s journey through the five phases of crisis-system involvement.

Improved access to crisis care with a 911 direct hotline connection, 24/7/365

  • Doubled the volume within 12 months
  • 24/7 access to a crisis clinician; >80% resolved

Faster crisis resolution with mobile crisis teams

Mobile crisis team response:

  • >80% completed in person
  • >70% get follow-up within 7 days

Reduced ED visits through better linkage to community-based services

Local regional crisis lines know local behavioral health resources and providers and work with local crisis teams, reducing the risk of ED visits

  • >90% diverted from the ED or higher level of care

Delivering results: As the single point of entry into the crisis system, Beacon’s live-answer hotline and quick-response mobile crisis teams resolve crises where they happen. Individuals connect to local resources appropriate to their needs – linking them to care that works to help prevent future crises.

Beacon’s crisis system recidivism rate