Beacon Wellbeing: Student Assistance Program

Helping Colleges Increase Behavioral Health Access for Students

Stress, depression, anxiety—college students deal with mental health and substance use issues that impact their academic success and overall wellbeing. As more students seek support through on-campus counseling services, it can be challenging for schools to meet the rising demand.

Reaching More Students On Campus and Online

Beacon Wellbeing: Student Assistance Program partners with colleges to create a more comprehensive system of student care, helping schools provide students with the right tools and supports to keep them safe, healthy, and in school.

By introducing digital services that address the initial needs of students seeking care, we create capacity that allows university clinicians to provide more focused attention to students with pressing conditions.  

We seamlessly integrate with your college’s existing resources, offering:

Today’s students are accustomed to receiving care in non-traditional settings—some feel comfortable talking face-to-face with a therapist, while others prefer the convenience of a telehealth therapy session or an online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tool. Beacon Wellbeing: Student Assistance Program provides access based on student preferences, offering avenues to care both in-person and online.

We partner with universities to provide:

  • Comprehensive intake and assessment. Our focused recommendations address immediate concerns and issues beyond presenting problems.
  • Digital solutions that are convenient and effective. Students receive access to educational content, self-help tools, and virtual visits.
  • Short-term, resolution-focused therapy. Therapy is offered in-person or via a secure telehealth platform.
  • Constant availability. We offer a 24/7 crisis hotline that provides triage services and connects students in crisis to psychiatric evaluations, while leveraging campus emergency protocols.
  • Access to a network of providers. We help students navigate both on- and off-campus resources through referrals and care coordination.

Improve Access and Outcomes

By supplementing on-campus behavioral health services, Beacon Wellbeing: Student Assistance Program can help schools with their efforts to:

  • Increase student engagement with mental health services and decrease waitlists for university counseling centers. 
  • Address student concerns before they negatively impact health, relationships, or school performance.
  • Reduce the number of students who find themselves in serious crisis when they finally do reach a mental health professional.
  • Improve chronic care management so that students who struggle with behavioral health issues remain at school and participate in classes.