Beacon Wellbeing: Employee Assistance Program

The Next Evolution of Employee Assistance Programs

American Workers are in Constant Pursuit of Work/Life Balance

Employees continue to have more pressing personal issues than ever before and employers seek real solutions to improve workplace productivity, rising health expenditures, and overall health outcomes. Every year, 18% of U.S. workers experience some type of mental health problem and the National Institute of Mental Health reports that depression is the leading cause of workplace absenteeism.

Beacon Wellbeing—an Accessible, Engaging, and Effective EAP

Beacon Wellbeing offers employers a new approach to the traditional employee assistance program (EAP), ensuring program accessibility, increased usage, and measureable value. Our proactive, multi-channel model addresses all domains of wellbeing and improves employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. The result is a healthier, more productive workforce and lower health expenditures.

  • Better outcomes using a holistic approach. We improve outcomes through our clinical expertise and assessment of all areas influencing member wellbeing:
    emotional, physical, financial, community, and resilience. This way, we have a better picture of the member’s total wellbeing and can connect them to the most relevant
    services and supports—at the onset of engagement and during multiple follow-ups.
  • Broad access improves engagement and utilization. We increase program engagement by making it easy for employees to access the EAP. Members use the channel that works best for them, how and when they want to use services—whether on the phone, online, or in person with a qualified EAP provider of their choice. We also connect members to client-specific employee benefits based on assessment results.
  • Organizational supports that improve workforce resiliency. In addition to individual counseling and support, we offer workplace and organizational services including management consultations, supervisor and staff trainings, and disruptive event response.

When Employees Thrive, Companies Thrive

With 35 years of experience operating effective EAPs for more than 7 million members, Beacon Wellbeing addresses and improves workplace concerns, such as absences and presenteeism.

Immediate Help Now; Additional Supports During Follow-Up

Beacon Wellbeing’s tailored recommendations address unique member concerns, delivering a complete experience and a proactive approach to ongoing and meaningful engagement to provide the right resources for employees and their families.