Statement in support of administration’s efforts aimed at addiction treatment

Substance use disorder is an issue that impacts millions of Americans and their families. We support the government’s efforts to launch so that Americans can learn about and locate treatment options. Rapid connection to treatment and continuous engagement are the leading indicators of sustained recovery.

While strides have been made in the collective struggle to stem the tide of the nation’s opioid-related overdoses, there is more work to be done. As a leading behavioral health services company that serves approximately 37 million individuals across all 50 states, we know that medication-assisted treatment (MAT) works to treat substance use and opioid use disorders, and we also know that many experience barriers to accessing it. As a country we need a comprehensive solution that improves engagement and adherence to MAT and addresses system shortfalls to ensure access to evidence-based care. When prescribed and monitored properly, MAT:

The awarded projects are diverse in nature and include:

  • Decreases OUD-related overdose deaths
  • Increases individuals’ retention in treatment
  • Improves social functioning
  • Reduces the risk of infectious-disease transmission and criminal activity