The Psychiatric Shortage: Causes and Solutions

As recognition for the value of psychiatric care grows, so does the demand for services—but access is another story. The number of psychiatrists in the U.S. workforce is shrinking, and communities across the country are facing shortages of vital inpatient and outpatient psychiatric programs. Some of the most significant access challenges are hitting publicly-funded community behavioral health centers, where a high percentage of individuals with chronic mental health conditions seek care.

Recognizing this critical imbalance and the need for innovative solutions moving forward, the National Council for Behavioral Health’s Medical Director Institute released The Psychiatric Shortage: Causes and Solutions. Written with input from a diverse group of health care and consumer experts—including Beacon’s Associate Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Emma Stanton—the report highlights key problem areas, explores developing trends, and outlines specific recommendations to improve access to quality psychiatric services and implement real change.

In addition to reading the report, learn more about the work of the Medical Director Institute and their initiatives.