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Recovery is more than just a concept at Beacon–it’s a vital part of who we are. More than 80 percent of Beacon’s leadership has lived experience with mental health and substance use disorders, either personally or with a loved one. This authentic understanding of recovery is evident in everything we do, from our peer services that provide essential supports, to our community outreach and education.

Our commitment to recovery goes beyond managing clinical care: we meet people where they are today, and help get them where they want to be.

Phục hồi cuộc sống

“Anh ấy có thể làm những điều tuyệt vời, và tôi muốn trao cho anh ấy cơ hội. Tôi muốn anh ấy có một cuộc sống bình thường ”. “Khi cô ấy bước vào tuổi 13, thay vì gọi ...

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Five Tips to Help a Loved One on the Road to Recovery

Recovering from a substance use disorder is often a long and difficult journey, and Beacon is there for you and your loved ones every step of the way. Recovery.org...

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Dính dấu kỳ thị

We introduced the Stamp Out Stigma (S.O.S.) campaign in May 2013 to show our commitment to removing the stigma of mental illness and to educate people on the importance...

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Vai trò Không thể thiếu của Hỗ trợ Đồng nghiệp trong Hành trình Hạnh phúc

Beacon Health Options creates systems of care that embrace recovery and resiliency. We weave this approach throughout our behavioral health services - from program...

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