EAPA 2017 Award


Our customer maintains a robust EAP with strong internal support and Beacon as the external vendor providing 24/7/365 access and a national network of EAP providers for those employees not wanting to see an internal person or not in physical proximity to internal staff. While utilization of the EAP was very good, the team recognized that some people needing help were not getting it. They realized that the stigma of mental health and addiction conditions presented a barrier for many people and they needed to do more to make it OK for people to see help with these conditions.

Using actual employees and their own personal experiences, the customer built a program (much more than a campaign) called “r u ok?” to help overcome those barriers. Beacon aided in their efforts with promoting the program, education, revisions to the website with an “r u ok?” section, and sharing of our own materials for an anti-stigma campaign.

The r u ok? campaign raises awareness of mental illness and addictions, erases the stigma often associated with accessing care, and engages leaders, human resources staff, and employees in meaningful dialogue so people in need can get the right support and treatment. This integrated communication campaign for all US employees set forth the following objectives:

  • Build awareness and remove the stigma about mental illness and addictions
  • Reinforce that a healthy lifestyle enables high-performance teaming and contributes to the exceptional experience and overall employee engagement
  • Educate customer leaders and people about mental illness and substance use disorders
  • Provide easy access to resources, including best practices for dealing with these issues in the workplace
  • Present a platform for customer leaders, Talent Team (HR), and people to demonstrate the customer’s culture of caring

As a result, of the rollout of the “r u ok?” program, the customer experienced an increase of over 300 percent in access to their EAP website as well as a 29 percent increase in their EAP counseling cases and won the 2017 Employee Assistance Professional Association annual award.