EAPA 2018 Award


A large healthcare services provider relies on the Beacon EAP to help employees recover from traumatic events, which they are often exposed to given the nature of the business. During a three-week period in September 2017, the client experienced several significant and nearly back-to-back catastrophic disruptive events and Beacon was there to provide support.

First, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the Gulf Coast area of Texas, with flooding that paralyzed the region and caused significant property damage. Then within days of each other, Hurricanes Irma and Maria tracked through the client’s Florida operations on both the east and west coasts. In collaboration with our client’s personnel, Beacon’s critical incident response team delivered over 400 hours of on-site services in support of employees.

During the catastrophic flood damage from Hurricane Harvey in the Gulf Coast region of Texas, we worked with our client to implement a mobile ‘bus’ resource team of mental health professionals, local administrative staff, and leadership from Nashville. The team provided employees and their families with in-kind benefits of food, water, and fiscal support via gift cards. The ‘bus-tour’ concept surfaced as a means to centralize resources and mobilize services in order to reach as many employees as possible. This was a challenge because some had to evacuate the area while others had limited ability to traverse the area due to flooding of their personal homes and cars. Key to this success was our client’s social media communication with their employees alerting them to tour stops and schedules.

As the client was restoring workplace productivity through their post-hurricane recovery efforts in early October 2017, the client and the nation were impacted by the mass casualty shooting at a concert in Las Vegas, where 58 concertgoers were killed. Because our client is a leading health care delivery system in Las Vegas, many victims were taken to our client’s hospitals and surgical care centers. From October 3 through October 12, our client’s facilities in Las Vegas utilized more than 600 hours of on-site critical incident response services in support of their employees and staff.

This client was awarded the Employee Assistance Professional Association’s (EAPA) award for Best Delivery of CIR Services at the 2018 conference.